Privacy Policy

An affiliate is a kind of inter-company relationship. It is a process or a deal in which one of the companies owns less majority of stock than another company. At least two companies are involved in any affiliate. Are you thinking about the affiliate policy? The affiliate program involving at least two companies can also prepare some affiliate policies to regulate their affiliate programs smoothly. Yes, we have also prepared or formulated some affiliate policies to maintain our affiliate programs. We always welcome our guests and thus we always value their privacy which is an essential factor for us and our affiliate program as well. We always ensure that the personal information and other related data or our visitors must be safe and secured at our database. Our affiliate policies can set the approach to use any customer’s data in different ways. We gather the information of our visitors for only business purpose and not for any private use. We provide you the complete assurance to keep your data secured and safe with us at our affiliate website. Our affiliate policies may demand your data but we collect this data to maintain properly in our records for any future business use. There is a surety on our affiliate portal that no single data can get leaked ever. You will always guarantee that your information will be used according to our affiliate policy only and not more than this. Our affiliate policies are always strict to the relevant services and products being listed or advertised on our website. We might change our affiliate policies according to the changing requirements or circumstances as it is an important part of any affiliate business.

What do we gather?

Are you thinking about the various information being gathered by us? You need not worry about the same, yes, we collect various different kind of information and it may either be personal or non-personal as well but all these information is always kept as secured with our website. All our visitors are important to us and thus we always maintain decorum with our affiliate policies and they are implemented accordingly. The information gathered by our site may include your full name, job title, contact number, email address, postcode, address and much more whichever are associated with the visitors. You may feel doubt that why we would collect the same but numerous reasons are there for the same and all are the business reasons as our affiliate policies don’t ever allow to gather one’s information for any kind of personal use. Every user has different tastes and preferences for sure but we always keep your information for our internal records only.

Utilization of cookies-

Numerous kind of cookies is also get used at our site which is collected while the visitors explore our affiliate programs. We get a lot of help to access the data of the visitors through these stored cookies. We have always a chance to either accept the cookies or decline the same. But normally, we always accept the same as we can implement our policies to provide a better website or improved affiliate programs to our visitors by accessing their data through these stored cookies.

Any of our visitors can freely contact us on finding some misuse or any doubt regarding the information collected or gathered by us.